(345) 949-2511 janitorial@ropers.ky
  • addressOpening hours:
    Monday to Saturday
    8am – 6pm
  • addressAddress :
    122 Industrial Way,
    Airport Industrial Park
  • addressContact information:
    Number: 1 (345) 949-2511
    E-Mail: janitorial@ropers.ky
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Roper Enterprises Ltd.

Roper’s Janitorial Services

Roper’s Hotel and Restaurant Supplies

Roper’s Home Store and Furniture

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Roper’s Janitorial Services
Book our residential or commercial cleaning services.
 24Hour Emergency Line 926-1463

Roper’s Hotel & Restaurant Supplies 

Bar, Kitchen, Chef, Disposable, Restroom Items

Roper’s Homes Store & Furniture

Come and see!  Browse, You will be pleasantly surprised at our selections….

Household & cleaning items. Bathroom & kitchen accessories. Chemicals, paper disposables.

Take out trays, cups, soup bowls, plates, cutlery, foil, film

Bedroom, living room, furniture.  Lamps, occasional tables

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 8am – 6pm

122 Industrial Way, Industrial Park


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Roper's Enterprises