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    Number: 1 (345) 949-2511
    E-Mail: janitorial@ropers.ky
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At Roper’s, our reputation is cleaning, but our passion is furniture.

We have a team of in-house buyers that shop for our unique pieces from suppliers across the US. Our aim is to bring styles and pieces to Cayman that you don’t see in other retail furniture locations.

furniture store

We have a huge showroom full of pieces that you might not expect, but at a value, you would. We take extra care when it comes to providing furniture for your home, workplace, etc. Experts from our team are available to assist you. Please visit by our furniture department today and speak with one of our specialised sales representatives. At Roper’s, you will also find those “difficult to find” items. We have a wide selection of accessories, linens, kitchenware, and cleaning products, just to name a few. We are often the first and the last stop on customer’s search for the perfect piece, so just make sure you’re in on the secret!

Choose from hundreds of amazing furniture pieces at Roper’s.